Anthony Popp - Game Programming for Interactive Media

Zombie Mine Quest - Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

Happy Pong, Publishing a polished and stable game is hard work

Colosseum Coach Team of 7 - Working on teams is realistic

I am a software engineer with a background in game development looking to work at a cool company where great people make great products.

- Made from scratch in C++ and OpenGL

- Self-taught all vector match, shadows, and collision detection algoithms 

- Snake Genre inspired. 2 Game Modes, 2 Scenic Levels.



- C#, MonoGame, and High Level Shader Language (HLSL) 


- $600 Lifetime revenue across all platforms

- Global Leaderboards, cloud saves, and achievements use SteamWorks SDK




- Made in Unity 5 and published on Android and iOS

- Free-to-play Casual RPG with procedural content


- Monetized with ads and IAP. Uses Mixpanel to track retention

- Showcased at PAX East in 2017




More Professional Experience

WRKSHP: Junior Android Engineer

- Developed and maintained Beat Fever, a Social Music MMO for Android and iOS with over 5 million downloads


- Executed user-facing features that adapt to multiple screen sizes on mobile in a multi-threaded application in Java

Monsarrat: Software Developer

- Created an MMO prototype that was showed to angel investors and later received funding.

- Used Google Tango (AR SDK) and Photon plugin in Unity 3D

GSN Games: Game Developer Intern

- Developed and unit tested a Facebook casino slots game which included progressive jackpots as a key differentiating mechanic